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Computer Training Classes at CNY Works


Description: Begin to learn the keyboard (touch typing) or improve skills using Mavis Beacon interactive software. Skills drills and timings for intermediate and advanced keyboarders.

Prerequisite: None: Beginner to Advanced Skill levels

PC Literacy

Description: Designed for new Personal Computer users. Learn PC basics: Windows terminology, mouse skills, Internet for job searching websites.

Prerequisite: Basic eye/hand coordination required

Microsoft Word Level 1

Description: Designed for new Word users starting from scratch. Basic document concepts: creating a document, editing, saving, opening existing documents, and basic character formatting. Required exercises will be completed following each class.

Prerequisite: PC Literacy class or comparable skills. Minimum of 15 WPM typing speed

Microsoft Word Level 2

Description: Designed for users with some word processing experience. Create and modify documents using advanced formatting techniques, including spacing, borders, tables, tabs and mail merge. Bring a diskette. Required exercises will be completed.

Prerequisite: Basic PC knowledge and word processing experience

Microsoft Excel Level 1

Description: Create and format spreadsheets, using cell referencing, formulas and functions. Create charts and graphs. Bring a diskette. Required exercises will be completed.

Prerequisite: Basic PC knowledge and good math skills

Microsoft Excel Level II

Description: A continuation of the EXCEL LEVEL I class will continue to expand the use of spreadsheets to analyze information using IF statements, pivot tables, and functions. Required exercises will be completed.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of EXCEL LEVEL I

Microsoft Access

Description: Dealing with data in an existing database entering, editing and deleting data. Using forms, reports and queries. Required exercises will be completed.

Prerequisite: Basic PC knowledge, basic understanding of databases

Microsoft PowerPoint

Description: Creating presentations, dealing with clip art, setting slide transitions, dealing with custom animation, printing and viewing your presentation. Required exercises will be completed.

Prerequisite: Basic PC knowledge

**Customers MUST be scheduled in advance to participate in Computer Classes. Please contact your Career Consultant to be scheduled for a class.** Students are encouraged to purchase a flash drive to save assignments.

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