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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CNY Works?

CNY Works is an American Job Center that provides a single point of entry and a full menu of services for job seekers and employed customers. Our job seeker customers receive universal access to comprehensive employment services and tools for job readiness. The Center provides local labor market information for job seekers to be able to make more informed decisions about their career choices. CNY Works also provides a forum for community partner collaboration and business partnerships. The CNY Work's Business and Workforce Development Team works with employer partners, providing resources for recruitments, job fairs, outplacement and labor market trends and forecasts, training and development.

Where is CNY Works located?

CNY Works is located at 960 James Street, First floor Syracuse, NY 13203.   Directly across from Bryant & Stratton College.


How do I register with CNY Works?

In order to access services at CNY Works, registration is required.  Registration consists of attending an orientation during which you will complete a customer registration packet and be provided an overview of our services.  Feel free to fill out the Customer Registration Form and bring it with you along with a current resume and a form of identification.

*Orientations for walk-in customers who are currently NOT receiving unemployment benefits will be held every weekday except Friday.  Check the calendar for times.

Who is eligible to receive services?

Anyone may utilize our Resource Room facilities, including computers, copiers, printers, telephones, fax machines, library of career and educational materials, job market information and Hot Jobs lists.  Workshops dealing with resume preparation, interviewing techniques and job search strategies are also available. Individuals desiring a more intensive level of services, including assignment to a Workforce Advisor.  Finding training assistance will be required to meet certain participation qualifications that may depend on current work status, income levels, registration for Selective Service (males only), a right to work status, and other criteria will be reviewed.  By law, military veterans have a priority for services.

What are the costs for these services?

Zero! Since this is a federally funded Department of Labor Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), there is never a charge for any American Job Center services, for either individuals or employers.

How do I get started with my job search?

Visit Plan your job search to get started.  Special resources are available for you if you are a veteran, have recently been laid-off, are an older worker, have a disability, or have a criminal record.

How do I file a claim for unemployment insurance? 

Promptly file your UI claim, in the first week that you lose your job. You must serve an unpaid “waiting period,” equal to one full week of unemployment benefits, before you receive payments.  A delay in filing may cost you benefits.  It is best to apply for UI online.  Visit, sign in with your NY.GOV ID and follow the instructions to file a claim or Call the Telephone Claim Center to file a claim: 1-888-209-8124

Do I have to look for work while collecting Unemployment insurance benefits?  

Yes. To be eligible for benefits you must:

  • Be actively looking for work while claiming Unemployment Insurance benefits.
  • Keep a Work Search Record for each week you claim benefits and be prepared to give a copy of that Record to the New York State Department of Labor when requested.

What is a Work Search Record?

You must keep an online or written Work Search Record for each week you claim benefits and be prepared to give a copy of that record to the Department of Labor when requested. The record must include dates, names, addresses (mail, e-mail, or web address) and telephone numbers of employers contacted, names and/or job titles of specific people contacted, contact methods used, position or job title applied for or a description of other work search efforts (attending job fairs or workshops, etc.).

What services does CNY Works offer youth in my area?

CNY works provides services for eligible youth ages 16-24!  Our experienced staff will meet one-on-one to assess each customer’s skills and needs.  Youth customers will have access to such services as tutoring and study skills training, occupational skill training, leadership development, mentoring, financial literacy, entrepreneurial skills training and other supportive services..

*For additional information, contact the CNY Works Youth Program: or (315) 477-6909.

Where can I find job seeker assistance for Ex-Offenders (Returning Citizens)?

For assistance conducting an effective job search, here are a few tools to help get you started:

What services are available for people with disabilities (SSI/SSDI)?

Ticket to Work is a free and voluntary Social Security program that helps people who receive disability benefits return to work or work for the first time.

The Disability Resource Coordinator (DRC) at CNY Works will facilitate seamless and comprehensive services to persons with disabilities.  The (DRC) will provide referrals to local support services that help meet your employment goals such as:

  • Social Security Work Incentives
  • Benefits Planning Assistance
  • Medicaid Buy-In Program
  • Work-Site Accommodations

Accomodations for persons with disabilities are available upon request by contacting the CNY Works

Workforce Advisor - Disability Services, Erin McDonald- or calling (315) 477-6946. 


Where can I find employment resources for veterans?

CNY Works is proud to offer Priority of Service to veterans and their eligible spouses. This means that if you served on Active Duty in the United States Armed Forces, you will be served first by the next available staff member and get first priority for jobs and training for which you are eligible and qualified.  Onsite Veterans' Employment Representatives: Bill Burns and Matt Sheehan.

*Veterans Employment Hotline

What training funding assistance is available?

Funding may be available for programs specifically approved by the CNY Works Workforce Development Board to support labor needs in Onondaga County. The goal of such training is to allow the individual to gain qualification or certification to qualify for a job in demand in the area. Funding will generally not exceed $5,000 over a two year time period. For a complete list of our authorized educational institutions and specific skill programs, see the Eligible Training Provider List.

What services are available to employers?

Our goal is to help businesses find well qualified candidates for positions they need to fill. Available services include recruitment, pre-screening and assessments of direct hire candidates, posting your vacancies on the CNY Works website, providing area labor market information, and developing customized or on-the-job training programs unique to your requirements.

I’ve been looking for a job but am not getting any interviews or offers. What should I do differently?

Learn some strategies for when your job search is not getting results.

Helpful onsite workshops:

Are You Ready for the Workforce - Develope a personal brand, improve networking and interviewing skills...

Jumpstart Your Job Search - Increase the effectiveness of your online job search, improve your resume and properly prepare for an interview.

Job Search Forum - Review job search websites, get job search tips and proper follow-up.

Transferable Skills - Discusses hard skills versus soft skills, importance of self assessment and identifying skills you can take from one occupation to another.

And more...

Where can I find average pay for different jobs or occupations?

Visit the Salary Finder to see average hourly or annual pay for hundreds of occupations—by ZIP code, state, or nationally.

How Can I get help with my resume?

CNY Works offers a variety of resume development options:

Resume Overview workshop - Provides a classroom setting to learn about tools to create a winning resume or how to fine tune a current resume.  Resume Overview will cover how to deal with gaps in your work history, frequent job changes, different resume styles and content.

Resume Express workshop -  A one-on-one critique of ways to improve a previously constructed resume.  Learn new ways to make your resume stand out by tweaking and updating.

Please visit to view our Training Calendar for workshops and send a request to sign up:

Resume Guide for step-by-step help writing a resume. 

What is Trade Adjustment Act (TAA) and am I eligible?

Trade Act:

For additional information, email: