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Government Information

Labor Market Information/Business Statistics

Get the data you need to make informed hiring and expansion decisions. NYS DOLResearch and Statistics Division (R&S) collects and maintains the most comprehensive labor supply and demand information in New York State. They have a wide variety of statistics related to the health of the economy, including labor force and unemployment rate numbers as well as job numbers by industry.  They also have information on training and workforce preparation, occupational and industry trends and projections, population characteristics, affirmative action statistics, wage data by occupation and industry, business directory information, and local business expansions and contractions data. 
Contact the NYS DOL Research and Statistics office at (315) 479-3390.

Visit the NY State Department of Labor website for more information

Unemployment Insurance Employer Services

Learn ways to minimize your rating. There are voluntary contributions that businesses can make to keep their UI contribution impact as low as possible.
Contact the NYS DOL UI Tax Services office at (315) 479-3385.

Visit the NY State Department of Labor website for more information

Labor Law Interpretation

The Department of Labor can provide advice on work-related legal issues that can be confusing to business owners NYS DOL can help you with information on State Labor Laws. Understanding the provisions of these laws will aid businesseswith compliance and help you avoid penalties.
Contact the NYS DOL's Labor Standards Bureau at (315) 428-4057.

Visit the NY State Department of Labor website for more information

Layoff/Transition Assistance

The State Labor Department offers businesses help in preventing and easing downsizing and layoffs. The NYS Department of Labor Rapid Response Program has a variety of services designed to assist both employers and their workforce through these transitions.
Contact Roy Jewell, Associate Employment Services Representative, (315) 479-3362.

Safety and Health Consultations

Federal laws require businesses to provide their employees with a safe and healthful workplace. The State Department of Labor has staff experts who are available, through an on-site consultation program, to help you prevent health and safety problems and meet state and federal codes. The program is free and voluntary.
Contact the NYS DOL On-Site Consultation Bureau at (315) 479-3205.

Apprentice Program

Employers can train specialized employees in house with a state registered apprenticeship program.  To develop a skilled workforce, consider operating your own apprenticeship program.  Registered apprenticeship improves recruitment, retention and morale through monitored on the job training and related classroom instruction.  Graduates receive a journeyworker certificate from the NYS Department of Labor, a credential that is recognized throughout the country.  Contact the NYS DOL Apprentice Program Office at (315) 479-3228.

Visit the NY State Department of Labor website for more information