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Career Exploration and Training


Career Exploration Tool

The Career Exploration tool is a five-step process that lets you evaluate your career needs and move forward in your career planning. Included in each link are additional resources to help you in your career exploration.

  1. Assess Yourself
  2. Explore Career Options
  3. Gain Skills
  4. Find a Job
  5. Manage Your Career

Highest-Paying Occupations

Find the highest-paying occupations at Highest-Paying Jobs. You’ll be able to select a state or view data at a national level.

Training & Retraining

If you have been conducting a job search and have found that you need to either update your present skills, or even need to make a career change, CNY Works maybe able to provide you with tuition assistance for training or retraining opportunities that are up to two years in length.

Training and retraining options are many, and by accessing the Eligible Training Provide List (ETPL) at, you will be able to research the variety of training offerings and the providers that CNY Works can consider for funding.

A Workforce Advisor can provide you with eligibility details, and assist you in processing the Funding Application in order to obtain approval.  Request for funding generally takes up to 30 days, so completing the application well in advance of the start date of the training program is advised.

For more information, email


Participant Requirements include but are not limited to:

  • Must show a need to obtain marketable skills which can lead to FULL-TIME EMPLOYMENT in an in-demand occupation

  • Must possess required academic skills and knowledge (Applicants may be required to take a Test of Adult Basic Education)

  • Must be accepted into the training program of choice PRIOR to approval

  • Must have applied for all other available financial aid (i.e. FAFSA) prior to applying for CNY Works funding.

  • Must not be in default status on a student loan or on academic probation 


Program Requirements include:

  • WIOA Application MUST be submitted a minimum of 30 days BEFORE the start date of your program

  • Training must lead to FULL-TIME EMPLOYMENT (those planning to transfer into a different school/program at the completion of training will NOT be considered)

  • Program must be completed in TWO YEARS OR LESS

  • Participant MUST have an immediate goal of full-time employment upon completion of program with no plan to continue on for further education

PLEASE NOTE: Upon meeting with one of our CNY Works Workforce Advisors you will be required to produce:

  • WIOA Funding Application

  • Labor market research (5 want ads) showing availability of full-time employment and average rate of pay in anticipated career field within your commuting area

  • Acceptance letter from eligible school listing start and end dates and ALL costs – including financial aid/scholarship documentation

  • If Employed – copy of most recent paystub

  • Documentation of any previous college-based academic performance, if applicable

  • Resume

  • Letter of Interest- explaining why you need the funding; additional information that supports your request, including personal reasons for pursuing this training; any experience in the new field; information on financials; and if employed, reasons training is requested/required

  • Other paperwork deemed necessary for WIOA Funding Eligibility Purposes

Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. 

Applications will be reviewed; your eligibility for funding will be determined based on the information you provide and that you have demonstrated a need for training.

WIOA funds cannot be used to reimburse tuition already paid for.  Regardless of WIOA Funding, if you are receiving unemployment benefits you may request the 599 training application to be exempt from unemployment job searching requirements while in training. Certain restrictions apply.

Please note that only COMPLETE WIOA Funding Applications will be accepted.