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UA Local 669 - JATC interview dates - June 4, 2019

Jun 4th 2019 8:00 AM


UA Local 669 is a Road Local of Sprinkler Fitters, with jurisdiction in 48 States..  The JATC is the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee, which is made up of Signatory Contractors and Local 669 representatives.

JATC's have been around for over 100 years and are America's best kept secret.  JATC's are a collaborative effort between organized labor and signatory contractors to train and develop journey workers in a particular craft.

Our program is a 5 Year, Earn while you learn program.  There are three elements to our education program and they are:

One the Job Training.  Apprentices are mentored, trained and developed by Subject Matter Experts that we call Journey Workers.   Apprentices are getting paid for their work.

Each apprentice is required to take 19 online courses with a total of 213 lessons over the course of five years.  While the courses can be done at an accelerated rate the minimum is 12 lessons per quarter.

Each apprentice is required to take 18 classroom sessions per year.  These take place on Saturdays and are held  either in Newburgh or Albany.

For those that have filled out an online profile, you will get a phone call one week before the interviews with your time slot.  This is just an early heads up to save the date.

For anyone interested in interviewing, they will need to take the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Watch a couple videos under the “Video Section”
  3. Select “Getting Started” and check all five boxes
  4. Hit continue and select “Complete Profile”
  5. Fill out Profile.  In the profile it will ask you how you found out about Local 669, please type in:  Tim Coleman
  6. The candidate will get a NY State One Page Application via email (check your spam folder).  This must be filled out and brought to the interview!

The candidate will get a call by the fourth week of May with time on the appropriate date!  

To learn more about  Local 669- JATC, you can go to our website at  This information is also on the flyer.  Please contact me if you have any questions at 315-952-6440.